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US Gives Israel $8 Million per Day in Military Aid

DATA DRIVEN VIEWPOINT:  Half of the cost of every weapon in Israel is financed by US taxpayers.  It is difficult to say what may happen next in Gaza or the Middle East, but if it involves death and destruction, to the extent that Israel is responsible, American citizens are just as responsible.  The Arab world know this, and so should we. Maybe in some cosmic sense there is some great moral righteousness in making Israel a local super power, but I fail to see it.

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US taxpayers paid more to Israeli defense budget than Israelis

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Sept 17, 2012

The Israeli army’s chief of staff states that in the past three years, “US taxpayers have contributed more to the Israeli defense budget than Israeli taxpayers,” according to a report in the Jerusalem Post, a prominent Israeli newspaper.

According to the report, Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazi made the statement during a Ashkenazispeech on September 11th. In it he emphasized: “We must preserve ties with the United States. I believe this is a security necessity.”
According to the newspaper the speech was at the Calcalist Conference, which appears to be an annual event in Tel Aviv sponsored by the Calcalist newspaper, an Israeli Hebrew-only daily financial newspaper. It is is part of the group that publishesYedioth Ahronoth, the largest circulation newspaper in Israel.
American taxpayers give Israel over $3 billion per year (over $8 million per day), more than to any other nation, despite the fact that Israel is smaller than New Jersey and is in the top 30 richest countries in the world.
Per capita, Israelis receive $10,000 more U.S. tax money than average.
Some of the other top recipients of US tax money, Egypt and Jordan, were provided this assistance in return for diplomatic recognition of the Israeli state.
According to the Congressional Research Service, Israel is given this money in a lump sum at the beginning of the fiscal year. Americans then pay interest on money they have given to Israel, while Israel makes interest on it.
In recent years Israel has reported a lower unemployment rate than the US and a better account balance.Ashkenazi’s statements are extremely significant, since this is the first time that an Israeli leader has pointed out that American taxpayers pay more to Israel’s defense budget than do Israelis.
If the costs of the Iraq war, which was largely pushed by Israel partisans in the Bush administration, were added into the equation, the American tax money on behalf of Israel would quite likely dwarf the amount paid by Israeli taxpayers.
Some top economists predict that the cost of the Iraq war will be $3 trillion.
Israel has a population of about 7 million people.
Today, Israel partisans are similarly pushing attacks on Iran.
Israel has frequently been accused of using American funds in violation of U.S. arms control laws.

Ashkenazi and War Crimes Accusations

IN 2010 Turkey issued an arrest warrant for Ashkenazi for Israeli forces’ killing of 9 civilians, including one who held American citizenship.
In 2008 a complaint was filed at the Hague accusing Ashkenazi of war crimes. Accusers stated:
On 27th December 2008, the suspect, Chief of Staff, ordered the Israeli army to attack densely populated areas in the Gaza Strip. For three weeks, 1,500 tons of bombs were dropped from the air on residential neighborhoods in Gaza and tens of thousands of artillery shells were fired from tanks. For 3 weeks, the army damaged and destroyed houses, schools, hospitals, infrastructure, water and electrical plants, killed more than 1,300 people, hundreds of them children, and injured about 5,300 people. Thousands of houses were bombed or shelled and 50,000 residents were made homeless, without shelter.
Prior to this, the suspect was part of a group, which implemented a siege on 1.5 million people in the Gaza Strip, denying them a regular supply of food, water, medicine, fuel and electricity for 18 months.
According to international law, it is absolutely prohibited to bomb residential areas in a way that interrupts the lives of civilians; to carry out executions without trial, to collectively punish; to destroy or damage hospitals, schools and homes. The prohibitions against collective punishment were enshrined in the Geneva Conventions after the behavior of the Nazis in Europe during World War II when they destroyed entire villages to punish residents for sheltering the resistance. 194 countries agree with the prohibitions of the Fourth Geneva Convention.
In December 2008, a complaint was filed in the Hague against the suspect, on suspicion that he had committed war crimes and crimes against humanity for ordering the siege of Gaza.

Civilians caught in Israel-Gaza conflict
Charlie D'Agata
(CBS News) GAZA CITY - The battle over Gaza between Israel and Hamas escalated Sunday, with civilians suffering the most.
Palestinian health officials say an Israeli missile strike in Gaza City killed 11 civilians.
In all, at least 70 Palestinians and three Israeli civilians have died so far.
Hamas fired 100 missiles on Israel Sunday, 30 of which Israel says it shot down.
And an Israeli envoy arrived in Sunday for truce talks.
In Gaza City, rescue teams struggled in a frantic effort to reach a woman trapped under the rubble of a building leveled by Sunday's airstrike.
Palestinian officials said seven members of one family died in this attack alone, including four children.
The Israeli military says its strikes are surgical, and are finding their targets. But in one of the most densely populated places on the planet, civilian deaths are mounting.
Journalists in Gaza have found themselves in the crosshairs of Israeli missiles too.
The Israeli military released a video of a missile strike on a media center in Gaza City. Officials called it a legitimate target.

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