The following is a non-commercial endorsement of home made soap products produce by CLOISTERED DOMINICAN NUNS. The following is from their web page.  It can be purchased at the link below.  I like it a lot, especially the Ocean Rain Glycerin Soap.

New Products at Seignadou Soaps

Spring is here and that means new things at Seignadou Soaps! The nuns can’t help it, they come up with some great ideas that we’ve been busy trying out. Sometimes, the idea seems simple but making the new product turns out to be, well, first a disaster and then not-so-simple and then we’ve got it!
For a long time we’ve wanted to offer the option to Make Your Own Gift Basket. We finally came up with a solution: each basket starts with 1 Rosary made by the nuns, 1 book: 16 Nuns, 16 Journeys, 2 lip balm and a wonderful luffa scrubber. You can add your choice of 2 soaps, 1 hand creme in a pump and 1 room spray. Add a custom message and we’ll make up your basket and send it to that special person!
We are offering Rosaries made by the Nuns of olive wood from Bethlehem. Long before items made in the Holy Land were popular here in the USA we were making rosaries of olive wood beads and offering them here at the monastery. These rosaries are well made with cord and we will restring a rosary you purchase from us at any time!
For the summer bugs and mosquitoes we now have Don’t Bug Me Spray! All-naturally made from soybean oil and lemon eucalyptus essential oils. Studies have shown that soybean oil keeps those nasty critters away for up to an hour and half!
We’ve got the spring scented soaps available and we’ll be offering some special selections for Mother’s Day! STAY TUNED!
You can now make a donation if you wish when you purchase items from the store!
 Mar 2012
Even Fox News knows about Seignadou Soaps! They will be airing a story about the soap, the nuns who make it and also talk about the copy of the Holy Shroud that is special and in our possession here at the monastery.
The story is schedule to air on April 1st, Palm Sunday. We don’t know what time. We don’t want TV or the news so hopefully it will also be online.
Stay tuned!

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