Monday, September 26, 2011

Taking the Bull by the Horns

RSN Special Coverage: Occupy Wall Street
Read The Story Here                                                                                  Who Owns What In America?
A report from a front that may soon be shut down.
efore you read on, watch this: a video from the base camp of the #OccupyWallStreet protest that is now in its seventh day. It's called "Nobody Can Predict the Moment of Revolution." (The video was produced by Martyna Starosta and her friend Iva.)
These are the faces of a wannabe revolution, more than a protest but not yet quite a major Movement. The spirit is infectious, perhaps because of the sincerity of the participants and their obvious commitment to their ideals.
Occupy Wall Street is more than a protest; it is as much an exercise in building a leaderless, bottom-up resistance community with a more democratic approach to challenging the system where everyone is encouraged to have a say.  [Read more at the link above]

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