Monday, May 28, 2012

Our "Quiet, persistant work to build.." Trans-global Special Ops Anti-terror Network - Hillary Clinton Speech

DATA DRIVEN VIEW POINT: The following speech by Hillary Clinton gives details of a very comprehensive and coherent approach to foreign policy and international relations.  When I first heard this I wasn't sure I liked what I heard, but as the rationale of it all began to sink in I realized the real strength of this approach to address our global problems and international security.  It is worth a listen.  

Here is Hillary Clinton's Speech: 

Sec. of State Hillary Clinton's Speech to Special Ops Forces

Sec. of State Hillary Clinton delivered the keynote address to hundreds of international special operations forces during a Gala Dinner Wednesday in Tampa.
United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton addressed hundreds of special operations forces from 90 different nations at a Gala Dinner Wednesday night in Tampa. It's part of the International Special Operations Forces Week held every four years. You can hear her full 25 minute speech unedited by clicking on the icon above.

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