Saturday, June 2, 2012

Are Republican Governors Behind the Lower Employment Numbers?

Are Republican Governors Dropping State Jobs to Dampen Obama’s Election Prospects?

It is a question worth asking since public sector job growth is the leading cause of the declining growth in US employment.   An analysis of state employment for March showed that “austerity budgets” in 15 states helped lower the overall employment rate.  Republican governors presided over the state job losses in 12 of those 15 states.  The decline in job growth continued in May.  Newspapers around the country are proclaiming the American economy is in trouble and is threatening Barack Obama’s general election campaign.  So it is fair to ask if austerity budgets aren’t being pursued for political as well fiscal reasons. The answers aren't likely to come from the governors' lips.  So I encourage those who follow these numbers closely and report to the public to also look for a pattern of unessential state employment cuts in Republican controlled states over the next several months.  

For more on state Austerity Budgets go to  Graphic Differences in State Employment

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