Monday, July 9, 2012

Mexico Is In Trouble.

Ivan Davi (@)

Posted Tuesday 10th July 2012 from Seesmic

Mensagem de Oneide Duarte Oneide Duarte:

"If the corruption that indirectly generates so many deaths in hospitals, flooding, Sand burrowing, and precarious education does not guarantee housing, food, decent work, transportation, diseases caused by poor sanitation, lack of water in the wilderness, etc., all for lack of public funds is not a heinous crime, then no other is. The corruption in our country is one of the roots of all other crimes. If it is decriminalized, then they should be required to decriminalize all others, which are consequences of this. The social damage they cause are even impossible to measure. There is no rational logic in the construction of our laws. And nobody will make current, no one will march against doing that. Have you been taking the role of trafficking heinous crimes, the population would already be mad. Again ... Human priorities are questionable ..." [a google translation]

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