Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Memphis Drops Voter ID Lawsuit

City Drops Voter ID Lawsuit

By Bill Dries

 Updated 3:09PM

The city of Memphis has dropped its lawsuit challenging the state photo voter identification law.
The voluntary dismissal is without prejudice, meaning it could be re-filed at some point.
The challenge of the 2012 state law requiring voters to have a state- or federal-issued photo identification to vote began as a move by the city of Memphis to include the use of photo library cards as legal identification for voting.
The lawsuit, filed in Nashville federal court against the state, then became a direct challenge of the constitutionality of the law under terms of both the Tennessee Constitution and the U.S. Constitution.
Two federal judges denied city requests for court orders that would have permitted the use of the library cards.
Earlier this month the city also filed motions indicating there were questions about the law and the Tennessee Constitution that it would seek from the Tennessee Supreme Court.

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