Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Nap

P a s s i n g . . .
Listless silence
Thoughts so far removed that
Dreams can never reach them
Just residue, a fragrance 
Clinging to darkness 

A distant spark!
Panic ignited streaks flash madly through slumber
Chaos seeking order, more flashes! Movements! 
Time emerges from the shadow of boundless nowhere
Senses stir, grasp for comfort, groping for patterns, 
Feelings seek meaning
Cognitions prickles open like pins and needles 
Echoes fall down distant chambers 
Confusion bursts on the din of all thing
Scrambling to their places 
Nebulous conscious condensing 

Warm crisp sparkles
being... BEing... BEING
Floods synapses from every side
I am asleep, or was...
Eyelids flutter, search for clock. 
It's 7:31 
Why so dark outside?

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