Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Jewish/Irish Lymeric

Many years ago now there was a lymerick contest. I don't remember who sponsored it or what prizes were offered, but I decided to come up with a lymerick to enter. I did, but I missed the deadline for entry, so it went to waste. I have occasionally recited it for friends and aquaintances and I will share it here.  First, for those not familiar with the terms, in involves a mohel who is a person trained in conducting the Jewish circumcision ceremony called a Bris. For the full effect, this lymerick should be spoken with a Brooklyn Jewish accent. Here goes:

There once was a mohel named Doyle 
who did everything according to hoyle
Till one day at a Bris
He got drunk and did miss
But then proudly proclaimed, "It's a goyle!"  (girl)

OK, so I would never have won anyway, but it was fun trying. I hope it raised a smile.

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