Friday, August 23, 2013

Climate Stories You Won't See Elsewhere

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1. ADAPTATION: Most of Manila left underwater as record storms sweep parts of Asia

A state of disaster was declared in parts of the northern Philippines earlier this week as a monsoon and typhoon brought incessant rain in the region for three days, triggering mass evacuations and affecting more than 1 million people.

2. CARBON CAPTURE: Air capture needed as a tool to fight climate change, scientists say

Pulling vexing carbon emissions straight from the sky might become an important way to keep climate change in check. As pilot projects move forward, the prospect of capturing carbon dioxide from the air is growing increasingly plausible, though it may be some time before the technology, the demand and the costs align to make a dent in global emissions.


3. CARBON CAPTURE: Study proposes large 'carbon farms' to reverse rising temperatures

4. OCEANS: Far-floating baby corals could hold key to reef survival -- study

5. BIOMASS: U.K. develops sustainability criteria for wood-based renewable energy

6. TECHNOLOGY: Smarter windows could block heat and light

7. CARBON MARKETS: U.N. expands Clean Development Mechanism outreach into Latin America

8. CARBON CAPTURE: Saudi Arabia building world's largest CCU plant

9. SCIENCE: Drop in sunspots may affect global warming, say climate scientists

10. STATES: Invasive pests taking over Vt.

11. SPECIES: British Columbia's hot summer creates perfect conditions for invasive fruit fly

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