Monday, September 23, 2013

Look at the Progress We've Made

I started thinking about part of a lyric from a song about the progress we have made and looked up the rest of the lyrics. I was struck by how well the words capture aspects of our social condition. Take a look -

The Progress Suite
Editorial (lyrics)

"Look at the progress we've made
Get your vitamin quota
In your soup ready-made
Forget that there's hunger around you

Look at the progress we've seen
Perhaps you should cut down
On sugar and cream
You can't button your jacket around you

Overcrowded world
What happens now
Better pray to your gods
And hope that somehow
Far from the shack you call home
They aren't burning the grain
That has ripened and grown
'Cause the prices have fallen again, so

Eat up your rice, Billy dear
They're starving in India
At least that's what I hear
Come on, my child, cram it down you

But we are okay
In our shiny new car
Look at us now
You can see we've come far
Here I am playing electric guitar
Look at the progress we've made"

Now consider that this song was first released in 1967, that's 46 years ago. Sadly, little has changed that can really be called progress. The artists were Chad and Jeremy. The ablum influenced my early social development and political outlook.

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