Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Reforming The Political Campaign Ad. Thanks Bernie!

by Brian T. Lynch, MSW

The video link below is a nice summary of what Sanders is all about.

Many who see this may disagree completely on the issues and solutions Senator Bernie Sanders presents in this short video, but the content is not the main reason I am posting it here. What I want to point out is the style of the ad itself.  It stands in stark contrast to what we have become use to seeing.

This is like an old fashioned political ad that concentrates 99% on substance and 1% on personality or empty marketing. It is also 100% positive. It lacks the negativity that has so infected political content in the past few decades.

Most presidential candidates today can't run an ad like this either because they haven't thought through their positions so thoroughly, don't agree Sen. Sanders on these popular positions or, most likely, fear they will offend some sugar daddy donor by what they might say. Most candidates are groomed to say what will least offend the greatest number of people, which means they say very little of substance. They speak in generalities. They merely evoke emotional responses in people by touching lightly on their sweet spot issues as identified in slick, Madison Avenue marketing methods.

I am tired of being segmented and targeted for the political gain of big money interests behind most political campaigns. I want to hear clearly and exactly what each candidate intend to do with the power they are asking us to give them. We have to stop voting for candidates based on how we "feel" about them and start voting based on what we "think" about their ideas and priorities. We need to start demanding more from the campaigns of our candidates for public office.

So when you view this Sanders video, contrast what you can learn about his priorities and positions with what you learn about the priorities and positions of other candidates in this silly season of presidential politics.


(Full disclosure, I do support his candidacy and readers of my blog know I would be a hypocrite not to since his positions match so closely with my views published in this blog.)

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