Monday, February 13, 2017

Mortal Night

Mortal Night
by Brian T.  Lynch

Sometimes at night, alone, awake
Entombed in darkness, laid in state
While yet my breath the stillness breaks
Oh fragile heart, my soul awaits

And glories of this mortal veil
Pale in certainty of breath to fail
The event horizon of the flesh
From certain life to certain death
Discerned, not seen with naked eyes
Nor what beyond horizon lies

Yet having sensed the dark abyss
And felt it's silence in the night
I cleave to senses yet undimmed
Now more exquisite in morning light

New breath, new life, this feel of flesh
This splendor passion of beating heart
What privileged state this conscious spark
Today to claim, today to start

(A poem I found among my papers that I wrote 42 years ago, back when I was writing poetry.)

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