Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Un-Rig the System - Publicly Elected, Non-Partisan Boards of Election

by Brian T. Lynch, MSW

It's time! 

Un-rig the System - take all election responsibilities out of the hands of those in power. 

Let's establish nonpartisan state and local public boards of election via publically elected membership. Disqualify any election board candidates who hold or have held any public office, other than board of education. Disqualify any candidate who holds, or has held a leadership position in any political party. Give these elected, non-partisan boards the power and responsibility to re-draw voting districts, manage voter registration, maintain and operate voting equipment, manage and conduct elections, draft ballots, count and preserve physical ballots and prepare their own budgets. Require these boards to submit all major changes regarding voting practices, methods or redistricting proposals for public referendum. 

Let the people control the mechanics of democracy. Take that power out of the hands of elected representatives who eventually abuse that power to stay in power. 

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