Saturday, July 14, 2018

WAR! The Indictment of 12 Russian Solders is a window on the War Against America.

by Brian T. Lynch, MSW

Have you read the Indictment of 12 Russian Officers who attacked our Election yet?:

Read just a small portion of the indictment. The term "Conspirators" is shorthand for named Russian military soldiers.

a. On or about April 12, 2016, the Conspirators used the stolen credentials of a DCCC Employee (“DCCC Employee 1”) to access the DCCC network. DCCC Employee 1 had received a spearphishing email from the Conspirators on or about April 6, 2016, and entered her password after clicking on the link.  
b. Between in or around April 2016 and June 2016, the Conspirators installed multiple versions of their X-Agent malware on at least ten DCCC computers, which allowed them to monitor individual employees’ computer activity, steal passwords, and maintain access to the DCCC network. 
c. X-Agent malware implanted on the DCCC network transmitted information from the victims’ computers to a GRU-leased server located in Arizona. TheConspirators referred to this server as their “AMS” panel. KOZACHEK, MALYSHEV, and their co-conspirators logged into the AMS panel to useX-Agent’s keylog and screenshot functions in the course of monitoring and surveilling activity on the DCCC computers. The keylog function allowed theConspirators to capture keystrokes entered by DCCC employees. The screenshot function allowed the Conspirators to take pictures of the DCCC employees’ computer screens. 
d. For example, on or about April 14, 2016, the Conspirators repeatedly activatedX-Agent’s keylog and screenshot functions to surveil DCCC Employee 1’s computer activity over the course of eight hours. During that time, the Conspirators captured DCCC Employee 1’s communications with co-workers and the passwords she entered while working on fundraising and voter outreach projects. Similarly, on or about April 22, 2016, the Conspirators activated X-Agent’s keylog and screenshot functions to capture the discussions of another DCCC Employee(“DCCC Employee 2”) about the DCCC’s finances, as well as her individual banking information and other personal topics.

We are presently under attack in a war designed to break the political bond that unite us as a nation. Russian interference in the 2016 election is just one skirmish in this broader war against our Republic. And Russia is just one element of the forces that are pushing the West towards a fascist style tyranny.

The 2016 election tampering was a battle to help mostly Republicans get elected to public office, not just Donald Trump. The Russian's were peddling stolen documents to many Congressional candidates around the country. At least one accepted that offer.

Why Republicans? Perhaps because that is where Russian first go a toe hold in American Politics. I don't know. I do know they don't care about Republican values or American conservative values. They only care about how they can use our political passions to drive a wedge between us so we fight amongst ourselves and become ungovernable.

It's working. The Russians, and other unnamed actors in this global movement, are winning battles all over the world.

If I sound like a kook, you need to stop right here and go back to the link above. Read the full indictment.

Then think about what it means when a division of full-time Russian military men spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, sowing disinformation on American internet sites, stealing sensitive political documents then circulating them after weaponizing them for maximum impact in our political system, literally turning them into political bombshells. Think about Russian solders taking on American personas while recruiting followers and supporters duped by their lies and exaggerations.

This is a war. Russia isn't the only enemy, but the level of activity demonstrated in the Mueller indictment is a window on the activity levels among those conducting this war on our perceptions and emotions. If we are ever going to defend ourselves we have to first recognize that this is a war and our animus towards our fellow countrymen is evidence of the wounds our enemies have inflicted upon us.

Please, read the full indictment and then let us recommit ourselves to joining together despite our differences, despite our carefully implanted suspicions, to confront our real global enemies.

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