Friday, June 6, 2014

FUKUSHIMA - An Annotated list of Articles on this Blog

Someone recently asked if I have been following the crisis at Fukushima. I decided to send them some of my blog postings. It wasn't until then I realized how many there were. I am posting them here for anyone who hasn't been following the story that much, and would like to catch up. They are in no particular order.

 FUKUSHIMA - An Unstopable Slow Motion DisasterThe image below is the most recent Fukushima radioactivity distribution map of the Pacific ocean. It speaks for itself of the scale of this disaster. Why isn't this more in the news? What is our government doing for us?
Fukushima Radiation Hits the Beach in California  -  It would appear that radiation from Fukushima has reached the California coast and is beginning to build up in the riparian zone on San Francisco beaches. Here is a You Tube video someone made and posted in December:

Media Silent on Fukushima Radiation Impact in US  -   Sometimes the big news stories can only be seen by the shadows they cast. You would think that it would be easy to find detailed updates on the Fukushima disaster's impact on the fishing industry, milk production, etc.

Data Driven View Points: Fukushima, A Crisis Still Unfolding  -  What follows is a report on Fukushima that is chilling. Wm Boardman published this over at OpEdNews. A portion of it is posted here for those following this blog and those trying to find follow-up news on what is happening.

Fish Near Fukushima Just As Contaminated as Last Year  -  Fukushima fish still contaminated, new study says. The data presented in this week's Science journal found that Fukushima fish are still radioactive from last year's nuclear disaster. Sarah Wolfe, October, 25, 2012.

Fukushima Disaster May Not Be Over  -  Japan's former Ambassador to Switzerland, Mr. Mitsuhei Murata, was invited to speak at the Public Hearing of the Budgetary Committee of the House of Councilors on March 22, 2012, on the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Radioactive Seawater Cross the Pacific from Fukushima  -  As hair falls out of a Fukushima victim's head, a new German study reports that North America's West Coast will be the area most contaminated by Fukushima cesium of all regions in Pacific in 10 years, an "order-of-magnitude...

Data Driven View PointsFukushima Disaster Was Man  -  The nuclear accident at Fukushima in Japan last year was a 'man-made disaster' and not completely caused by the devastating tsunami, a new report has said. The Japanese parliamentary panel today submitted its final report.

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