Sunday, July 17, 2016

"We" is My Choice, Democracy Coalescing Around Ideas Rather than Candidates

by Brian T. Lynch, MSW

What follows is a brief response to a comment made on OpEdNews to my article, "America at the Crossroads of Crisis"

I was at a rally for Bernie Sanders in New York City some months back. Thousands of people showed up to march from Union Square to Zuccotti Park in the Wall Street district. This wasn't a Bernie Sanders rally, mind you. His campaign had nothing to do with it. It was organized by people whose ideas Bernie supports. It was an example of popular democracy coalescing around ideas rather than a candidate. That distinction has been lost on the DNC and the Clinton Campaign, but it shouldn't get lost on us.

The only power for change greater than organized money is organized people. That is what we must become. And when the next President and Congress looks out across the Washington Mall on days when a big vote is pending, they should only see our faces instead of the carefully groomed grass. If that happens, and until that happens, nothing we say from the comfort of our living rooms will matter. But if Donald Trump is sitting in the Oval Office, our public squares may no longer be free speech zones. Our faces may be hidden behind police barricades, and Trump's choices for Supreme Court Justices might just back him up on that.

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