Thursday, January 9, 2020


by Brian T. Lynch, MSW

Very low information voters who have avoided politics their whole life, who maybe never voted before 2016 or paid any attention to who was running, have found in DONALD TRUMP a politician who loves them unconditionally. He embraces them. He doesn’t care that they don’t know much. He is rich and powerful and he is going to take care of them.

Donald Trump talks to his fans like no other politician before. He doesn’t talk down to them or try to teach them stuff they don’t care to hear. He says amazing and unexpected things, things that thrill them and excite them. He makes them feel politically alive for the first time in their life. He doesn’t have to be accurate or truthful because they get what he is saying and they can read between the lines. No dog whistles required!

Donald Trump has turned politics into this incredibly entertaining blood sport and his fans love it. They have taken political sides for the first time. They are standing up against the old guards of both political parties who have ignored them in the past. They are standing up for their race, their religion and their traditional values. They only support the Republicans today because the GOP itself has gotten fully on board with their champion, and THEIR GUY IS GOING TO WIN because he does what he says and keeps his promises. He has made America Great Again.

This is what we are up against. No amount of facts or logic can dislodge Trump's loyal followers. The only hope we have of defeating Donald Trump is to overwhelm them at the polls. We need to put up the most exciting candidates up and down the line. We need candidates who best speaks to the greatest number of ELIGIBLE voters, not just Democrats or likely voters. We need to reach into the giant pool of those folks who don't normally come out to vote and get them as excited about our vision for America's future as Trump's supporters are for his outsized personality.

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